Friday, October 2, 2009

TOSOP will be playing at two fests the weekend of Nov. 6-8!

We're happy to announce that 'The Other Side of Paradise' will be playing at the 2009 Big Water Film Festival in Washburn, Wisconsin & the 2009 South Alabama Film Festival in Mobile, Alabama the weekend of November 6-8! Showtimes coming soon!

...also, check out these great quotes/reviews we got from KIFF!

"...the film walks a fine line between the satiric and the serious. Offbeat and amusing."
- Robert W. Butler - The KANSAS CITY STAR (the fest described this critic's pen as 'gold' that's awesome) - read his 10 to watch picks for the fest by clicking the link below -

Deborah Ground Buckner from the Canada-based PressPlus 1 picked her top 5 fave narrative films of the fest...guess who made it into the top 5!

...and here is her full review below -
(Quote from review) - "...Through the course of their journey, the three encounter a series of fascinating characters, from a sullen waitress, to a gun-toting redneck, a mortician-like hotel manager, and a swinging couple in the room next door. Alex and Rose's relationship takes more twists and turns than a rollercoaster and reaches a point, like the end of a fast and furious ride, mingled with exhilaration and serenity. Miss Martin displays the full range of emotions from giddy nervousness to passion to devastation to cool professionalism.

The cinematography by Ryan Hartsell completely captures the trek across Texas, taking the audience along interstates to small towns through the countryside and to a redneck's ranch house with an above-ground pool. Camera angles from the front and back and sides almost put the viewer right in the station wagon with the trio.

The music, provided by Stanton, makes a wonderful soundtrack, perfectly underscoring the action without dominating. It is a good fit that highlights the emotions of the characters..."

(hit the link below to continue reading!)

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