Friday, May 1, 2009

New Review of TOSOP by ROGUE CINEMA!

Copy/Paste the link above to see the awesome review from ROGUE CINEMA!
(Here's Josh Samford's opening from the review) -
"Director Justin D. Hilliard is an interesting voice amongst the shouts of the independent film community. I was sent his feature "Wednesday" last year and was really blown away with, an epic tale from a limited budget that took place on two continents. It was really an impressive experience. Hilliard contacted me not too long ago about his most recent feature, The Other Side of Paradise. I'm here to tell you that not only does it reach the standards held by the previous Striped-Socks production - but triumphantly rises above it. Everything that made Wednesday a memorable and fun experience is completely and utterly amplified times ten in this much more natural feeling road-trip drama comedy. A true adventure on film if ever there was one, I can't begin to describe how much fun this film is when it's "on". It's a romantic and entertaining ride through the south, mostly Texas and delivers a touching and beautiful rollercoaster of emotions. Although a sizable two hours in length, Hilliard's opus is such an interesting and emotionally impactful piece that it makes it all certainly seem worthwhile. Although surely not everyone will agree with me, those who do will find an amazing and engaging experience."

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